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Elvis Payne
A brief history of how this website came to be.
You are probably asking why on Earth would any one create a web site with an A-Z of 3-wheeled vehicles!   Well it all started in 1990 just before I enrolled at Staffordshire University.(UK).  For about 10 years I had been a motorcyclist and never even thought about wanting a car and so never needed to take a car driving test. I had a 1979 Yamaha XS250 which was by no means a speedster but was a heavy beast and great for touring. 
Sadly this was then stolen shortly before I was due to go to University and so I thought about a Reliant Robin on the basis you could drive that on a motorcycle license and I could pack a lot more in there than on a motorcycle … and from there the 3-wheeler bug took hold.

The 3-wheelers.com website was first created in January 2000, a time when I was a bachelor and had all the time in the world to spend as I pleased.  As a result in the early days the site grew exponentially as literally thousands of hours were poured into it, often whole weekends just spent at the keyboard.  As the site became popular reaching 32,000 hits a day, the  emails would also flood in with 20 - 40 emails to answer each day. 

As the site grew it became more time consuming to maintain an intended overhaul 10 years in still wasn't completed 10 years later and to this day the now archived site consist of three versions of the website that have not been updated to the same template.

Thanks to this website in 2004, whilst I was restoring a Reliant Supervan III, I was approached by Veloce Publishing and asked to write a restoration book for it, that published in 2005 and reprinted in 2017.  That then ignited the desire to write and also working with Crecy Publishing, at the time of writing I have written 9 books in total. The down side, however, was that spending time on the books meant updates to 3-wheelers.com were neglected.

Since graduating from Universty in 1995, I have always worked in the IT sector, again thanks to this website, in 2007 I was employed as a SharePoint Developer tasked with creating an internal intranet for the company I work for.  They used the logic that if I could create a site as large as 3-wheelers.com, I could create an internal intranet.  Currently I am an IT Service Delivery Analyst.

As time moves on and as I got older, got married and became a dad, I have lots more things to occupy my time with my wife and son - so sitting at a keyboard all weekend is no longer possible.  In 2016, along with fellow Reliant enthusiast Mark Cropper, we also set up the Reliant Motor Club, an online archive of Reliant documents, so any free time became squashed even further.

This is why the decision was taken in 2020 to archive off the old 3-wheelers.com website once and for all and, where time allows, create a smaller website that is easier to use and suits modern mobile devices.

Elvis Payne.
March 2020

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