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Building a Bijou Reliant Model ( Page 2 of 5)

6) Once the base has had several coats I placed the tyres back on, the next step is to break off the number plate section as this is not required.

7) The base is now complete and ready.

8) After several coats of paint the body is now a good colour. Under the shell there is a section at the front of the model that seems to be in the way (circled) and so I sliced this out with a craft knife

9) I’m now ready to paint in the chrome work so at the front I paint and side I paint in the door handles, wipers, bonnet hinges, bumpers, Reliant badges and also the indicators.  Later when I paint the indicators orange they will then look as though they have a chrome edge.

10) ... and at the back the rear lights, petrol cap, number plate light and bumpers.

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