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5 awesome ways to customise your car

For many of us, our motor is our pride and joy. It doesn’t just get us from A to B, it’s also a thing of beauty, a treasured possession and somewhere we enjoy being. If that applies to you, why not give a personal touch to your car? Whether it’s boosting the appearance or performance there are many ways you can customise your vehicle. These changes can often help you to install the sort of features seen in expensive models in your own car. Here are five great ideas to start you off:


One of the most popular ways to pimp up your vehicle is to enhance the sound system.
If you want the ultimate in-car music experience then you will have to upgrade the manufacturer’s offering, which is often deeply unsatisfying. You need to source top quality speakers and a sub woofer.

New paint job

Industrial vehicles – such as planes, trains and buses – regularly get a new lease of life thanks to a lick of paint. Clearly this doesn’t just mean grabbing a can of emulsion off a shelf and slapping on a new colour scheme but there’s no reason you can’t follow suit and deliver your own personal ‘rebranding’. Industrial vehicles use a blast booth to prepare a surface for a fresh look – you’ll need to ape this on a smaller scale. Do it properly and you can deliver a bold change to your car.

Smart control

Systems such as the Viper SmartStart allow your phone to take control of your vehicle – with the ability to lock, unlock, start, hit the panic button, get alerts if you go over the speed limit and locate your car if it should be stolen. It costs a fair bit to install but is a neat addition.


Get bigger, bolder, better wheels than those fitted in the factory. This is an area where you can let your personal preference take over – with colours, styles and offset options that can alter the appearance of even the most common car models.

Jason Okolisan, writing on wheels.ca, advises: “When choosing aftermarket rims, check the fitment guide to ensure that the wheel size, bolt pattern and offset are the proper fit for your car. Costs vary and you don’t have to buy new. Check the classifieds and you’ll see lots of rims for sale. Take into consideration the used condition and savings versus the cost of new.”


Whether it’s a set of sporty racing numbers or some classy custom leather designs, there are plenty of ways to upgrade the seating in your vehicle. This is a perfect way to upgrade the comfort and style of your vehicle and really make it stand out from the crowd. If you fancy something a little less involved, why not purchase covers for your existing seats?

With new wheels, seating, sound and a different look to your vehicle you’ll have a customised vehicle that is perfect for your personal tastes. Add in the latest smart control and you’ll be ready to hit the road in style.


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