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Fixing up your car at home? The six things to have to hand

A good quality car repair kit is something anyone looking to fix up their vehicle from their own home needs on hand. This includes essential tools, protective gear and everyday items that can simply help when making repairs. Here’s what to have on hand:

1. Latex gloves

Car repair can be dirty work, which is why disposable latex gloves are essential to include in your kit to ensure you don’t spread oil and dirt around in your engine or get it all over your hands. Plus, they can be thrown away at the end of the day to save you having to wash them.

2. Socket set

Most parts in an engine and under the car are held in place with nuts and bolts that require a socket to get them out. Pick up a large set with a wide range of sizes to ensure you’re never struggling to undo something that’s bolted on or get a tricky part out. 

3. Wrench set

Wrenches are just as important as sockets when it comes to tightening or removing nuts and bolts holding items in place under the bonnet. A ratchet wrench that doesn’t require removing on each turn is a good solution, saving you time and effort when making repairs.

4. Drip tray

When dealing with fluids and oil under your car, it’s a good idea to have a drip tray in place to catch any spillages that could damage your driveway or garage. An old baking tray or even a piece of cardboard are easy to pop underneath and won’t cost you anything, just be sure to give it a wipe down when you’re done.

5. WD-40

Parts need regular lubrication over time, to ensure they don’t stick or to prevent rust. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a brand like WD-40 on hand to spray into nooks and crannies to stop sticking and even irritating problems like squeaking. It can even help with those stubborn nuts and bolts mentioned earlier, to help remove them with ease.

6. Diagnostic tool

Most garages charge 40-100 for the luxury of plugging in one of these devices should a check engine light or electrical failure occur, but you can pick up a decent diagnostic tool from a store such as Halfords which can bring up the code for what is wrong with your vehicle. Then it’s a matter of typing this code and the make of your vehicle into a search engine to determine what needs fixing – and save yourself some cash.

Add these essentials to your tool kit and you’ll be prepared for anything your vehicle throws at you. Most items can be picked up via DIY stores or specialist online retailers. Happy driving! .


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