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Parent’s fears about their children - learning to drive

If you’ve managed to raise a 3-wheeler fanatic, we commend you, but chances are as soon as they’ve started driving you’re regretting those early days of three-wheeled toys. Trouble is, once they’re on the road they’re only a few months of serious savings away from a three- wheeler, mayhem and probably a few roadside assistance requests from Mum and Dad.

We want you to know that you’re all in the same boat and most parents have many irrational fears about their offspring getting on the road, whether they’re in a three-wheeler, the latest Volkswagen with it’s immaculate safety features or a sturdy old Ford. Well-known rescuers RAC have put together some research around parents worries when it comes to their children learning to drive, and with road side assistance so affordable these days, it might
just convince you to let them have that three-wheeler after all (even if it’s just a weekend car).


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