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The most expensive number plates ever

When it comes to number plates, some people will pull out all the stops and pay thousands of pounds just to get their hands on a rare one, which can sit on the front of their car and get covered in bug splatter when they go out for a drive… but which ones are the most expensive?

7.25million - 1

Purchased by an Abu Dhabi businessman in 2008, this number plate with just the letter 1 fetched more than Posh and Becks’ Beckingham Palace when they first bought it. It’s such a rare plate the price will more than likely double by the time it is sold again.

518,000 - 25 O

Ferrari dealer John Collins purchased this plate back in 2004 and it now sits in pride of place on a Ferrari 250 that was once owned by Eric Clapton – that should help its value rise considerably!

440,625 - F1

You’d think a racing driver such as Jenson Button or Lewis Hamilton would have made a bid for this racing themed number plate, but a Bradford businessman actually got his hands on the plate for an eye watering 440,625. He has since been offered 6million for the plate but turned the offer down!

404,000 - S1

Considered to be the first number plate produced in Scotland, it was first sold in 1903 and in 2008 was sold again for 404,000. The new owner has apparently secured the plate to an old Skoda, which could be considered a bit of a downgrade after once being owned by the lord Justice Clerk of Scotland, John H. A. MacDonald.

352,000 – 1D

Surprisingly this plate wasn’t purchased by a band member of One Direction, but a London based property developer who picked it up for his wife’s Bentley in 2009.

When it comes to purchasing a new number plate or creating a private one, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • The average cost of a personalised plate is estimated at 387.
  • If you haven’t bought your vehicle but are instead using a company such as Lease Car to ensure you drive a high spec car without the initial costs, you won’t be able to change the number plate.
  • The cost will likely be higher the fewer numbers and letters there are on the plate.
  • You cannot have anything rude or offensive on your number plate – although naughty plates have apparently sneaked past DVLA checks in recent years.
  • Number plates are great for investors, as they usually increase in value over the years.



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